Apprendre des langues

New learning methods have emerged from the quarantine.

The Les Puces method was originally created by British Mandie Davis 15 years ago. When she arrived in the Charente region (France) and her children were 7 and 3 years old. And has evolved in 2020 because of the pandemic.

A Spanish teacher in Manchester. How has Coronavirus affected her classes? We travel to UK!

From Manchester, a Spanish teacher, shares with us her daily life and tells us how school routines have been altered.

How is COVID-19 changing the world? We travel to the UK!

This week we are going to Bath, UK, to speak with Vero of Spanish with Vero. To see how do they deal with this world phenomenon that is COVID-19.

How Coronavirus is changing the world. We travel to US!

From a quaint little town in California, a teacher tells us how is living the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tips to be an expat. The specialist’s advice.

The specialist tells us how becoming expats can be a process of growth and improvement. It is also challenging and can be accompanied by conflicting emotions.

Why should we carry out a cultural exchange?

Get to know other cultures, other families, other customs and ways of doing things, interact with them in other languages… and live the world! Something enriching and not only on an academic and cultural level but also on a personal level. Traveling, living together, interacting with others they will grow bigger and mature enormously.

Swap Family Community evolves

Swap Family Community evolves and changes based on the suggestions that you, the community, send us. We listen to you carefully trying to respond to your needs. And we thank you for helping us building a flexible and adapted to your realities space.

What to do to make the exchange successful?

Here are some suggestions from Swap Family to help you with having a successful exchange and help you have a great experience

Tips for exchange students – the importance of having the European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance

We have a tip for exchange students and their families who want to participate in a language exchange programme: do not leave medical insurance for the last moment.

How can I find a family to organize a language exchange abroad?

We are going to tell you how to find a family with whom to enjoy a language exchange abroad. In addition, you will learn how to organize it yourself (without an intermediary), and you will even see how both, children and adults, can participate in this experience.