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Why should we carry out a cultural exchange?

Today we focus on teenagers, why is it important that we give them the opportunity to live an experience like this?

Because living a cultural exchange will be a great gift for them, something very valuable with which they will stay for the rest of their lives.

Get to know other cultures, other families, other customs and ways of doing things, interact with them in other languages… and live the world! Something enriching and not only on an academic and cultural level but also on a personal level. Traveling, living together, interacting with others they will grow bigger and mature enormously.

We live in a globalized world and if we want our children to live and enjoy it, we must give them the opportunity to know and experience it.

Emma and 3 from her perspective as a mother and teacher in the UK, wrote about us in early February highlighting the importance and relevance of being able to live this kind of experience especially now that we have been able to see in many studies that in the UK’s track record of learning languages is pretty poor and they are left behind other countries  that do give importance to language learning in classrooms.

“As a mother, I want my three children to be global citizens. To me, this means to understand how others live and the customs and traditions they follow.”

Emma and 3

If you agree with us and this is also your point of view. Also believe that it can be very enriching at all levels to live a cultural exchange, we invite you to join our community now.

Because through the Swap Family Community you could find people like you who want to carry out a cultural exchange, and much more than this.

  • You will find people and families with whom to interact. You could meet them and feel that they are the ones with whom you want to share something else (and your children).
  • Accessing to a space in which to propose an experience totally adapted to your reality. Being able to suggest exchange formats that are totally tailored and personalized.
  • You will feel comfortable and calm because it is very intuitive and easy to use. And it also makes it easy and helps you to get to know the other members more deeply. To feel more secure in your decisions (member evaluations, possibility of contacting accredited families …).
  • And you will feel that at last something that does not have to be otherwise is totally free for you. Registering is free and none of the members of the community are here to enrich themselves financially. But they are here to enrich themselves in what really interests them… sharing culture and languages ​​with people and families from other countries.

Don’t think twice, go ahead and let Swap Family Community help you organize the cultural exchange experience you want for your children!

Although Swap Family it is not only for children, this post is about children 🙂

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