Welcome to a new era of language learning through cultural exchanges

Swap Family is an international community that promotes language learning and cultural exchanges

We share your interests

Life experience

Going abroad for a language exchange or welcoming others in your home is an amazing experience that everyone would want to live.


Enjoying this learning experience through a family is ideal to ensure total immersion and it is a way to open up your own home to the world.


Times change and our role in choosing and deciding what we want is more and more active. Self-management and making your own decisions are a safe bet.

Space for communication

Having your own trusted space where you can chat at length with other members, reach agreements and come up with your own way of doing things builds confidence and peace of mind for you.

A space where you can meet other members, arrange and enjoy language experiences

We facilitate the platform for each member to choose who, when and how to arrange their experience safely and with total peace of mind.
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We want to change the setting! Language exchange like never before

Open the experience to all your family, why think of your children only? You can go along with them from the very beginning in this amazing life, language learning and cultural experience. Make it yours too!

Never mind the season, open up your calendar, why summer only? There are many holidays! Think long weekends, spring break, Christmas, winter holidays…!

With Swap Family you have complete flexibility, imagine a situation and make it real when you share it with your community.

Our priority is your peace of mind

Swap Family is a network with trust at its heart

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To become an accredited member, you must provide supporting documentation, information that the Swap Family team reviews. 

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To access the community and the information inside you need to register. The Swap Family team will review all the documentation you supply.

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We are keen to make the community grow from the inside, as members invite others to join.

A space where you are the star!