Welcome to a new era of language learning through cultural exchanges without intermediaries

Swap Family is an international community that promotes language learning and cultural exchanges

Covid-19, before and after

We were born with the intention of facilitating language learning and contact with other cultures. Making these experiences accessible was one of our priorities and that is why we created the international Swap Family community. Community members could establish their own physical exchange agreements. But in March 2020 the scenario changed.

Times have changed, new needs have arisen and the essence of Swap Family allows us to adapt. We are still the same restless community, who want to continue learning and socializing. We want to keep traveling!

For this reason, in Swap Family today, you can carry out any kind of exchange experience; either physical or remote. Create links within the community, meet people, practice languages, share traditions and hobbies, travel and discover, welcome among your own or be welcomed, etc. Because the important thing is to share and exchange to continue generating synergies.

Don't let the world stop us!

We share your interests

Life experience

You can continue traveling and practicing with native people.


In a private environment where you can, contact and meet accredited members.


Times change and our role in choosing and deciding what we want is more and more active. Self-management and making your own decisions are a safe bet.

Space for communication

Having your own trusted space where you can chat at length with other members, reach agreements and come up with your own way of doing things builds confidence and peace of mind for you.

A space where you can meet other members, arrange and enjoy language experiences

We facilitate the platform for each member to choose who, when and how to arrange their experience safely and with total peace of mind.

Our priority is your peace of mind

Swap Family is a network with trust at its heart

the mother duck with her ducklings

To become an accredited member, you must provide supporting documentation, information that the Swap Family team reviews. 

four guys cuddling looking at sunset

To access the community and the information inside you need to register. The Swap Family team will review all the documentation you supply.

plant that is born

We are keen to make the community grow from the inside, as members invite others to join.

A flexible community!