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We present to you the Swap Family Community!

The Swap Family Community is a space for interaction between families.

We are excited to present the Swap Family Community, the engine of this community, the space where Swap Family members can interact with each other. 

We have been designing, programming, and testing it for months, and finally we have it ready. A space where families and their communication were of utmost importance. An easy, intuitive and friendly space.

Cause we know that the main motivation of the families of Swap Family is to find other families with similar tastes and lifestyles; this is why we have devised a search engine, the first piece you will find when entering the Swap Family Community.

Let’s take it step by step.

Find your Swap Family!

“Find your Swap Family” is the search engine from which you will carry out all searches to find your exchange family. First you must select your language and then the language you want to learn or improve in.

For instance, if your mother tongue is English, and you are interested in improving your Spanish. First you will have to select “English” and then “Spanish” as a language of interest.

As a result of the search, you will have access to the summary profiles of the families that might be interested in an exchange between these two languages. After that, you can glean an overall picture of the families (through their photos, members, ages, the type of exchange they are looking for, any prior exchange records and their assessments). You can narrow down to the families that interest you the most by clicking on their profile or by contacting them directly.

If you click on the profile of a specific family, you will have access to more information about them.

You can see who they are, how they are, what they like to do, the languages they speak, their ages and so on.

Imagine that you are a family of musicians, and you find a family that also loves music. It will surely be easier for you to start a conversation or establish a relationship with them than with other families.

In the profile of this family, you will also find information about their home. Where they live, what the neighbourhood and their house are like, if they have a guest room or not, and so on.

Of course you can also see the type of exchange they are interested in. If they are looking for a reciprocal exchange or prefer to host someone in their home or just be guests themselves.

And finally, you can see if they have already made exchanges and how they have been valued by the other families.

We have found a family that interests us!

You have taken a look at the profile of several families, but some have attracted your attention more than others, maybe because you have more things in common, maybe it is the same age of the children, their passion for music, their availability, and so on. It’s time to contact them!

The Swap Family Community is designed to help you communicate directly with the families. In the first message, you should introduce yourself, be friendly and cordial; you can tell them why you have contacted them specifically, what you like about them, why you think you can match and explain what you want to do.

It is clear that the exchange is not going to be finalised in the first conversation. You will exchange different messages in this space, and you will surely complement these with messages on other platforms (WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, etc.).

You already know that we at Swap Family always recommend that you speak, ask, speak and ask the other family. The clearer you are, the easier everything will be. Of course, we recommend that you conclude the agreements through the Swap Family Community, because we will help you manage everything during this process and through your conversations (active, rejected, ongoing, and closed proposals). In that sense, everything will be easier and clearer.

In the Swap Family Community, you will find a specific section from where you can manage the proposals you receive and send, and we will even give you an example of agreement between families (DEF) when you decide to agree on a proposal.

Moment of assessment!

We know that the assessment among the members of Swap Family is very important. Which is why, once the exchange is finished, you can be evaluated and you can similarly evaluate the other family. You can write an assessment about the experience, and in turn, the other family will write an assessment about you, which will appear in your Family profile.

“My Family”, my space

My Family is your space, your bulletin board from where you can introduce your family to the other members of the community and inform them about the type of exchange you are seeking.

This space tries to collect the most relevant information about you (who you are, where you live, what your home is like and the type of exchange you want to do). Therefore we encourage you to create an engaging profile, with good photos, and a befitting description – in other words, a profile made with love.

Remember that your profile is also a showcase for the rest of the community and it will make the Swap that much easier!

In concise terms, this is the Swap Family Community, the space for interaction between families. In the following posts, we will explain each section step by step.

We are waiting for you at the Swap Family Community!

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