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The Swap Family Community Step-by-step walk through. Find & Message other families

In this post we explain you how to find and message with other families of the Swap Family Community through the platform.

Step 4: Find a family

Okay, so once you’re all set, it’s time to “meet” new families. When your profile is completely ready, you can click on the “Find your Swap Family” option and view other families’ profiles.

Depending on the languages you selected, you can find different families from different countries through the searcher. Their profiles are exactly like yours.

You’ll be able to see a photograph, their family name, how many family members they have, where they are from, which languages they are interested in. You can also check what kind of exchange they are looking for, which dates they are available, along with their ratings from other members’ reviews.

If you want to know more about any family you have shortlisted, you can click on the “view profile” option and find information in greater detail. And, if you wish to contact them, you just need to click on the “contact” tab, following which you’ll be redirected to the “messages” tab. You can also contact them when searching their profile in-depth.

Contact as many families as you think convenient and discuss your proposal. Talk a lot with them; solve all your doubts; share your mobile phone and Skype contact with them to communicate via video calls… To be sure about the family you’d feel most comfortable and happy to enroll with for the Swap.

Step 5: Message other families

Messaging on Swap Family Community works a lot like any other messaging app. You can start a conversation with a new family through their user profile, which will then automatically appear in your conversation list in the “messages” tab.

Through this tab, you could talk to a particular family as much as you need. You can share other ways to contact you like your phone number, Skype contact, among others, to enrich your conversations by a face-to-face call or to share pictures and/or relevant documents.

You could create an agreement with each family from the same conversation list. So, once you find a family with whom you want to carry out an interesting proposal, click on the “create an agreement” button to generate the required agreement.

Every time you receive a new message, you’ll get a notification in the website. And, once a day, if you have any unread messages, you’ll receive an email from Swap Family, to let you know about the same.

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