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The Swap Family Community Step-by-step walk through: Edit your Profile

In this post we explain you how to edit your profile in the Swap Family Community, the steps you must follow to make it public and to interact with the other families.

Step 3: Create your Family profile

This is another important step. To create your Family profile, click on the “My Family” tab and complete your family profile. Once it’s completed, you could publish it and become visible to the rest of the community. Keep in mind that the information provided in the fields with the lock symbol won’t be visible to other users, and that it’s mandatory to send us the required documentation for us to publish your profile.

There are four tabs: Family, Home, Proposal and Required documentation. We will determine which data and information you should include accordingly.

Required documentation

At Swap Family, we really care about the safety and contentment of all our members; for this reason, all families must present certain documentation as accreditation via email to Swap Family. In this tab, you will find more details about the documentation we require to validate your profile and how you could procure the same. You will also be able to see if your profile has already been validated by Swap Family. As soon as we have validated it, a tick appears in the box “document validated by Swap Family”.

Keep in mind that you might have to do some management to acquire some of the documentation, which could take some time. We recommend that you try to collect the documents as soon as possible, and youcan write the rest of your profile simultaneously.


Choose a name for your family; let the community know who you are by providing a brief introduction about you as a family and how a typical weekend at your home looks like. Moreover, introduce all your family members; you can add new family members to your profile by just clicking on the “add a family member” option and specifying if he/she is, for instance, a tutor or child. Upload a few pictures of you and your family (maximum five); don’t forget to select the one you want to keep as your profile picture.


Explain to the other members of the Swap Family Community how your neighborhood and home is. Provide details about their main characteristics, so that if someone plans to spend a few days at your home, they will have a clearer idea about what you can offer them. Specify whether you have pets at home, if there is a private room for your guests or if they would have to share a room with another member of your family; briefly mention your family’s typical diet and other such details. And, don’t forget to upload a few (maximum five) photos that help in better gaging the same.


What is your exchange proposal? What would you like to do?

Write all these details here to let other families know, before messaging you, what would you like to find.

Whom would it affect (which members of your family)? What expectations do you have? How you would like the experience to be? What kind of exchange are you looking for (reciprocal, be a guest family or a host family)? In which languages do you want to do this exchange and when (provide specific dates or mention if you open to proposals).

One of the most important questions we receive is “in which language should I write my profile?” You decide which language you want to use. We recommend that you think about the families that your profile seeks to connect with and how could you better express whatever you wish to convey. Luckily, today, we have multiple tools that can help us understand texts written in languages we are unfamiliar with, and assist us with expressing ourselves in other languages. Moreover, you can even write in two languages!

Write your entire proposal on the same day, or if you decide complete it later, don’t forget to click on the “save” option, so when you return, you’ll just have to click on “edit” and continue.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to click “publish” until you have filled all the required fields and Swap Family has validated your documents. Till then, your profile will not be visible to the rest of the Swap Family Community members.

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