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The Swap Family Community Step-by-step walk through: create an agreement, manage your exchanges and review families

Once you find your family exchange in Swap Family Community, you should create an agreement. We explain you how to do it and how to manage and assess your exchanges with Swap Family

Step 6: View agreement and review messages

The platform generates automatic messages in relation to agreements and experiences’ reviews.

When you create an agreement, you will receive a notification in the respective conversation thread (this is when you need to go to the “My exchanges” tab and reply accordingly).

You will also receive a notification if a family approves/rejects your proposal. And, once the exchange experience is complete, you receive a notification when the other family reviews your profile.

Step 7: Manage “My exchanges” and the “exchange planner”

To have a clear control over the exchanges you manage, an exchange planner is provided in the “My exchanges” tab, where all your proposals (generated or received by you) are recorded and through which you can approve or reject the same.

When both families accept a proposal, you could download the DEF (Document of Exchange between Families), which we recommend you fill in with your data and everything you have already agreed to; both families should sign this agreement. Do so to ensure that all details you have discussed and negotiated are placed on record, so that these are not forgotten.

The document to be downloaded is drafted in the language you use in the Swap Family Community, to ensure you understand all the points we consider as relevant, which need to be addressed. Decide with the other family the agreement you want to opt for; ensure that both families sign it. And then, it’s time to enjoy the experience!

Following an exchange experience (once it’s finalized), you’ll receive the opportunity to review the exchange; this option will also appear in the exchange planner.

Step 8: Publish a review

Once an exchange experience has been finalized, you’ll have the opportunity to review your Friendly family (they receive the same opportunity as well). Click on the “review the exchange!” option, select the number of stars you want to give the experience and your comments.

These reviews appear in the respective family’s profile and help the community select the families they wish to interact with. It is important that you spend some time writing this review properly and that you are completely honest with your assessment.

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