community for families

What should I ask my exchange family? What topics can I discuss with them?

Communicate with your exchange family. The Swap Family strongly believes in the importance of families talking to each other to express their ideas, doubts, concerns.

Our first language exchange between families!

We explain you in detail, how the first language exchange between families has been. You can also be the protagonists and enjoy the experience!

We present to you the Swap Family Community!

We are excited to present the Swap Family Community, the engine of this community, the space where Swap Family members can interact with each other.

Language exchange – not just for children anymore

Children, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts … everybody can study abroad with a language exchange.

Swap Family is here!

The community that brings together families from different countries and thus, themselves, can organize exchanges among its members in order to learn or improve a language and get to know a new culture.