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Swap Family is here!

Swap Family is here, we welcome you to our blog. A space to raise all those issues that we think may be interesting for the community.

We want to present real experiences of our members, introduce challenges and new proposals, share information about travel, reflect on current issues related to language learning and cultural experiences, offer you some tips on your exchanges … and meet all the community’s demands.

With this first post we want to share with you our great enthusiasm now that Swap Family is a reality and explain to you why and how we came to be here.

Yes, it’s real! From now on we can shout from the rooftops that Swap Family already exists!

The community that brings together families from different countries and thus, themselves, can organize exchanges among its members in order to learn or improve a language and get to know a new culture.

But why? What has brought us to Swap Family?

  • Our need and attracted to get to know and interact with other cultures, learn and master new languages.
  • We know that linguistic and cultural immersions are a great complement to the learning and acquisition of a new language. And that they are also a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and reality.
  • We believe that immersions with families with whom we share similar realities can make the immersion experience more rewarding and profitable.
  • We have proposals to make and new exchange formats to imagine. Proposals more adapted to our situation, reality and possibilities.

Are there more reasons? Yes!

  • We refuse to believe that exchanges belong to a specific life stage. We are going to give them flexibility, all the members of a family can live this experience.
  • We want to be participants and get involved when choosing how and with whom to carry out the exchanges. We do not want another person to decide for us.
  • We value and participate in the social evolution we are experiencing towards an increasingly collaborative consumption. That enriches us, not economically, but emotionally and personally.
  • We want to have the opportunity to live and offer this type of experience to our family, not a luxury reserved for just a few.

We want to change the setting! Language exchange like never before

If you also believe it’s possible, we invite you to become part of this community. You can meet and interact with families from other countries who, just like you, want to be able to make linguistic and cultural exchanges with other families.

  • Families for whom the exchange experience is the greatest reward. The families of Swap Family community, regardless of whether they agree to be a guest / host family or both, don’t expect to receive a financial compensation for making an exchange with another family.
  • In a trusted and friendly web environment. To which only registered families, that have previously presented the supporting documents, can access the detailed profiles of the families and interact with them.
  • Where all members may invent and propose new possibilities of exchange (reciprocal exchanges, non-reciprocal, welcome in your home or just stay with another family, only children, children and adults together…). Custom-made and with total flexibility. We are all mutually a source of inspiration and creativity

Sign in, register, create your family profile, make your proposal, contact other families and meet them, reach agreements, enjoy the experience and repeat!!!

The registration gives your family the right to unlimited exchanges for all family members for a whole year. Because changing the scenario means opening up the experience to all the family members (it shouldn’t be an experience only for teenagers!), de seasonalizing exchanges by opening the calendar (the holiday calendar is very extensive, bank holiday, Easter, Christmas or any time of the year that suits you!) and having the flexibility to invent scenarios and make them real by sharing with the community.

We celebrate that Swap Family is here!

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