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Swap Family Community evolves

Swap Family Community evolves and changes based on the suggestions that you, the community, send us. We listen to you carefully trying to respond to your needs. And we thank you for helping us building a flexible and adapted to your realities space.

Some of you were already aware that we were planning these changes, with others, however, we had not yet had the opportunity to share it … We want to take the opportunity to explain to everyone that part of these changes are already a reality thanks to the development team.

Swap Family Community evolves with its two-member profiles modalities:

From now on you will be able to identify two-member profiles modalities: «Accredited Members» and «Registered Members»

  • «Accredited Members»: Are those members of the community who have registered, completed and published their profile and who have sent us the supporting documentation; Criminal Record (DBS), as well as Children’s Birth Certificate (UK) / Family Book (FR, ES, IT,…) and their DNIs / Passports. You will clearly identify these members because you will see that they have a distinctive seal on their profile («Accredited Family»)
  • «Registered Members»: They are members who have registered, completed the profile and made it public without having sent us the supporting documentation. For this reason, they do not have the distinctive seal. Although at any time they can become an «Accredited Family», for this they simply have to send us the supporting documentation.

Until now, all the families in the community had to send us the supporting documentation, there was no option to publish (and therefore be able to interact with others) without first having sent us Criminal Record (DBS) of those who are of legal age, as well as Children’s Birth Certificate (UK) / Family Book (FR, ES, IT,…) and their DNIs / Passports.

But we feel that we must leave it up to each one to decide! If they want to be accredited or not, and above all, when to become accredited. Many families need to connect with the community before sharing certain information. Others live negatively the time and delay that it can take to get the docs, etc. As a result, we have created these two modalities.

And we have developed them in such a way that they are totally evident to all the community members. Because we believe that it is very important that the community always knows with whom is interacting and communicating; if it is someone already accredited or not.

Swap Family Community evolves by simplifying the fields of the family profile:

From now on, the profile for each member of the community is somewhat simpler and more agile to complete.

The family profile is a key piece since it is the showcase and presentation letter of each ones to the rest of the community. And it has to help the rest of the members to get to know us. For this reason, it has the structure it has and contains information on different areas within each of the sections.

We have detected, again thanks to all of you, that there were some fields that could be eliminated or reconverted to collect the same information, making filling it more agile and intuitive.

So, you will see that. For instance, the field “a typical weekend” and “home and lifestyle” have disappeared. As this information was naturally incorporated into the field “about my family”.

We hope you enjoy all these changes at the swap family community!

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