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Study abroad? With a host family!

Study abroad can be an effective way of improving our proficiency in foreign languages, thanks to the ways in which we can immerse ourselves in the language and culture. And if we decide to do it by staying with a host family, it will undoubtedly be the best option.

In Swap Family we make it very clear that there are many advantages that a host family can offer you, compared to any other alternative, especially for those travelling with children and also for solo adult travellers.

Do not hesitate, make your study abroad experience comfortable by staying with a friendly family.  You will enjoy, and you will have a better experience.

You will have homely cosiness provided by your host family:

The home of your host family will be conditioned and equipped with all those elements that a family needs to live in comfort. It is an accommodation in which they live the whole year round.

With the assurance that an adult family takes care of you:

Whether it is your son who is going to stay with them or if it is just you as a single adult, you will feel much relaxed knowing that there will always be someone waiting for you. There will be someone taking care of you and watching over your safety. Because you will become part of your host’s family, you will be like one more family member for them.

You will practice the language 24 hours during your study abroad:

Not only will you be in contact with the language during your classes (if you are taking any) or your outings around the city, but you will also get to practice it 24 hours a day. From the moment you get up until you go to bed, you will be in an environment of constant contact with the language. Wishing others around you a good morning, sharing breakfast with them, watching television, planning the day, making purchases … all these will help you participate in fluid and constant communication. And you will improve more than you would have in an academic setting; in this way, you will learn many useful colloquial expressions as well.

You will discover the local culture from within:

Living with your host family, you will discover many common cultural and social habits from within. This will make your study abroad experience much more enriching. You will immerse yourself fully in the host country and in everything that it can offer you.

You will make new friends and create a particular bond with your host family:

The host family will make you feel at home from the very first moment. And you will establish very special links with them. It will be your home and your source of support throughout your experience. And this will probably be the first of many new encounters and joint experiences!

It is true that each family is a world by itself, and finding the one that best suits you and your expectations will be key to ensuring the success of the experience

This is what led to the birth of the swap family, a trusted network for cultural and language exchange where you can organize language exchanges for your family by contacting other families directly.

Where you are the one who chooses the families with whom you wish to establish a relationship and who decides what kind of study-abroad experience you want to have.

Because you are the one who can best value the affinity between your family and the rest of the families in the community, you know with which family you will feel comfortable and at ease.

You can choose your host family to enhance your study abroad experience!

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