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Language exchange – not just for children anymore

All family members can make a language exchange!

Children, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts … everybody can study abroad with a language exchange.

Traditionally language courses were designed for teenagers and young people who enjoyed a few days abroad along with their classmates while on their school holidays.

Until now, it was the parents who had to plan stay abroad experiences thinking about the professional future of their children. But the current picture is changing.

Now improving and learning another language is not only for young people and teenagers. At any age and at any stage of life there is a motivation to learn a foreign language.

There are more and more parents who want to improve or learn a new language. There are many reasons for this, but many parents feel that their busy lives mean they don’t have enough time to dedicate to this.

Parents are looking for alternative and complementary ways to improve language learningin a playful setting and without a great effort. Who has not watched TV series in the original version, used apps like Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, taken online classes, or participated in meetings or talks in cafeterias?

And when we talk with the different members of a family, we have noticed that many grandparents are also interested in learning a foreign language, so this is not only a wish of parents or children.

Seniors, both grandfathers and grandmothers, are also interested in living a language exchange experience and getting to know other cultures.

There is a new generation of Seniorswho are socially and culturally active, and enjoy a good quality of life. Seniors like to travel, enjoy their hobbies and keep growing intellectually. They want to act as grandparents, but they are also proud of their own lives. Many of them take advantage of their new situation (retirement) to resume the study or practice of a language learnt during their youth. Others are keen to learn new languages which they never had the time to do before.

We also find young uncles and aunts, who do not have children for a variety of reasons, but enjoy spending time with their nephews and nieces. They enjoy their role as aunts and uncles, take their nephews and nieces to watch movies, babysit for them, play and do activities with them not allowed by their parents… Adventurous uncles and aunts, travelers who have everything at their disposal. They know the importance of learning languages and understand they are the basic tool for communication. They are open minded and willing to continue learning and improving language acquisition.

Swap Family is here for all of you! Swap Family is the community where everyone can organize their own language exchanges in their family and with other families.

Fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces… all of you can become Swappies!

It is as easy as accessing the Swap Family website, registering, sending the supporting documentation and completing your family profile. Then you’re ready to propose the idea to other families and start your language exchange.

There are unlimited possibilities to learn languages with Swap Family. Any member of a family can do the Swap; a grandmother alone or with her granddaughter, an uncle with his niece, a son, father and son…

With Swap Family, all of you can enjoy a linguistic adventure in the family and with another family. The trust found within the family environment allows you to learn in a natural way, through routines and interactions with other family membersTotal linguistic immersion is assured. Now you can organize your own language exchange with your family abroad.

Language exchange is not just for children anymore.

All members of a family can do the Swap!

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