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How can I learn a language in a fun way?

Do you want to learn a language without even spending time thinking about it? Are you looking for an effective method to learn a language?

Today we are going to reveal the secret of learning a new language without dying in the attempt following the recommendations of polyglots.

Imagine that at work, you are responsible for the account of a new client. If you want to take charge of it, you must be able to speak in the client’s language and for that, you will have to learn a new language. It is likely that you will feel a sense of laziness and inability, thinking of the effort you have taken in the past to learn a language. And now, you will have to manage a new one!

The secret to learning a language lies in having fun during the process

It is curious that for most, learning a language is a long, difficult and expensive process, whereas for polyglots, it is a motivating and rewarding process. This change of perspective lies in the experience of the process; as for some, it is tedious, while for others, it is fun.

According to Lýdia Machová, interpreter, polyglot and language teacher, the key aspect for learning any language is to enjoy the process. It is important to enjoy the experiences that accompany it, discover the new culture, new customs and traditions.

While some people enjoy writing emails or letters, others communicate through apps, having conversations with unknown natives via Skype or exchanging cooking recipes written in other languages. It’s about discovering a way you would enjoy the process.

Learning through first-person experiences facilitates the assimilation and long-term memory.

Many of us belong to a generation that has learned using traditional methodologies based on memorization and repetition. But we know that there are complementary ways to learn with which, in addition to learning, you can have fun.

It is important to enjoy learning a language, but it is also important to find an effective method that allows you to remember what you have learned in the long term.

We know that first-person experiences have a deeper impact, they are the most effective and natural way to learn.

Because of this, more and more people are doing language trips or looking for a way to travel abroad and at the same time learn the culture and language of that country. Language immersion brings fun and assimilation while promoting personal growth.

In this context, experiences such as linguistic immersions, contact and conversations with natives, linguistic exchanges, activities/hobbies taught in other languages, etc. are ways which can help the assimilation of a new language.

Until now, the learning of foreign languages was associated with an important economic and temporal investment, but thanks to the wide and varied methodological offers, it is now much more accessible, flexible and wide.

Positive and constructive attitude facilitates a successful learning

Another important element that stands out according to Lýdia Machová is the personal attitude, so do not despair during the learning process. The beginning is always difficult, as it includes having to get used to a new accent/melody, different grammar and vocabulary… We are not going to deny it, it requires a great effort.

In spite of this, you have to know how to handle frustration and self-demand; a second language is not acquired in two months. Lýdia Machová recommends enjoying the process and without focusing on the tempo of learning; it is important to assess the improvement that is being made during the process.

And what about the personal satisfaction that comes from mastering a foreign language? You start by remembering some simple words, saying simple sentences, until you understand and speak with the interlocutor.

Learning a foreign language is also a journey of personal growth and enrichment.

Join the Swap Family community and you will have fun while learning a language

We recommend you take a look at our website. We are convinced that we can become your hope in terms of learning a foreign language. We can help you during the process of learning a new language, making this process fun and enriching. Because at Swap Family, you and your family are the centre of the experience. We believe that linguistic exchanges are the best way to carry out a linguistic immersion.

We are not an agency! We are at your reach! Come in and discover what you can do for yourself and for your family. Debunk the myth – “learning a language is expensive and boring”.

Swap Family debunks with the myth – “learning a language is expensive and boring”.

We know that lack of time is a big handicap. Lýdia Machová recommends finding a few minutes daily or weekly and devote it to learning a language in order to integrate it as a habit. And it is true – if we have a good time learning a language, we are assimilating it, we are progressing and we will be proud of our evolution… Unconsciously, we will want to repeat the behaviour, thus favouring the repetition of the process.

From Swap Family, we are aware of the rhythm of life you lead and the pressure of the lack of time, so we encourage you to take advantage of any holiday – Easter, Christmas…

Do not put off what you can do today till summer!

Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration of other families, you will find that little push you need. Maybe another family will make an interesting proposal and encourage you to enjoy the adventure!

Surely you can find a gap in the calendar to plan a break to activate the foreign language you are studying. In Swap Family, you will be able to do different kind of linguistic exchanges.

We can be your hope! Take advantage of it! We are sure that in a short time, you will be able to perceive your improvement; the first breakfast with the native family may be difficult, but the last one will be unforgettable.

What do you think, do you dare be a part of Swap Family

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