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How can I find a family to organize a language exchange abroad?

Are you looking for a family with whom to organize a language exchange this summer? Do you want your children to travel abroad to practice another language?

You still have time! We are going to tell you how to find a family with whom to enjoy a language exchange abroad. In addition, you will learn how to organize it yourself (without an intermediary), and you will even see how both, children and adults, can participate in this experience.

Summer is coming and with it, the long-awaited vacation. It is faced with joy, but it also implies a headache for many families. School holidays are very long, so families have to organize these weeks well before the family holidays.

In general, parents look for activities related to their children’s hobbies (soccer, basketball, crafts, skating, surfing, robotics, music, etc.), but it is also time to discover new interests and review subjects that have been weaker during the year.

For many families, summer becomes the perfect time to give a boost to studying languages, either through language academies, national summer camps or stays abroad.

Staying abroad are the most complete way to learn and know a new culture. Language exchangewith a family allows total immersion in that culture. Direct and continuous contact with a host family facilitates the assimilation of a language and its customs.

If you are looking for a language exchangethis summer, use Swap Family! You will be able to organize the entire experience yourself and find a family with whom to do it.

Swap family is a community of families from different countries who are interested in learning and sharing their culture and customs. They are open to meet other families and willing to propose different language exchange plans.

In Swap Family, there are no intermediaries. You can organize your language exchange yourself. It is very simple; all you have to do is register on the website and send supporting documentation that we ask for in order to build a trustworthy community. 

Once registered, you complete your profile. You will have to explain who you are, where you live and what kind of language exchangeyou want to do. You should explain what you are looking for to the other families of the community,.

Then, you can search for families and take a look at the profiles of those that interest you. You can get in contact with several, send them messages explaining what kind of language exchangeyou want to do and check possible dates.

You can organize the language exchange you want

Through Swap Family, you can do reciprocal language exchanges, be a host family (welcome another family or its members into your home) or be a guest (be welcomed by another family). All the three options have their own advantages.

The contacted family will respond you according to their availability. From here, you are the ones who will agree on how you want this experience to be. Swap Family encourages communication between families and all their members in order to ask and solve all their doubts.

Maybe you want your child to attend an intensive foreign language course or you want your child to participate in the same activities as the host family’s son… Everything is possible! The important thing is that both families share the same idea of language exchangethat you have in mind.

This way, this summer, your child will be able to enjoy an adventure abroad while learning another language. You will live through a unique experience, establish bonds of friendship and live as a member of a foreign family.

And, what about you? Would not you like the same experience? Travel with your son, spend a few days in a foreign family’s home and participate in their activities?

During the week, the host family can follow their usual rhythm of life, while you go to language classes, study or explore tourist activities. In the afternoon, you can participate in their routines, sharing their day-to-day experiences. On weekends, you can organize plans together and know the culture of that country from another perspective.

Enter and become part of the Swap Family community!

You can also do a language exchange! These experiences are open to the whole family.

If you are looking for activities for this summer, do not miss this opportunity through which you will not only learn, but also enjoy and know about other cultures.

Swap Family is the language exchange you were looking for! There is still time to enrol for Swap!

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