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Tips to be an expat. The specialist’s advice.

The specialist tells us how becoming expats can be a process of growth and improvement. It is also challenging and can be accompanied by conflicting emotions. Let’s see her article!

Happy Saint George’s Day

Saint George’s Day, a festivity celebrated by several nations, countries and cities, for this reason today, from Swap Family we want to refresh its legend.

Swap Family asks about Coronavirus (COVID 19): what does the specialist advice.

During these days we have seen how all our activity has been limited by Covid 19, an invisible virus to our eyes but extremely powerful. From Swap Family we want to know the effect it can have on our society and how we can cope with confinement. To know all this from first hand, we have contacted Laura LLonch, a family psychotherapist.

How can I learn a language in a fun way?

The secret to learning a language lies in having fun during the process