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Carry out cultural exchanges!

Don't let anything stop you

The international community to carry out cultural and language exchanges

Organize your own experiences by contacting other community members directly.

Totally custom-made:

You decide who, when and how​​

Save money:

No intermediaries, free registration​​

Complete flexibility:

Imagine a situation and make it real

Trusted space:

All members can be accredited

We change the setting! Cultural and language exchanges like never before.

You are one step away from making a Swap!

What does an exchange mean?

An exchange is any shared cultural / educational experience between members of the community, you can host, travel or both.

"I enjoyed it because Greta was very nice. She laughed a lot, and I discovered new words in English that I did not know before, like ‘pepper.’ It was fun. It was like a new adventure."
Swap Family's first language exchange
The Sánchez Family
"I had already traveled to take courses before and this time I wanted something more "real", to live with the family and share their daily basis. It has been an exciting overall experience."
Greta F. Fischer

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