Swap Family is the trusted community for cultural and language exchanges in a totally flexible way

Learn a foreign language by engaging in cultural and language exchange experiences

Swap Family gives you all the flexibility so you can organize your own language
exchanges by contacting other families directly.

As a member, you can organize physical exchanges (doing reciprocal exchanges
or deciding to be only guests or hosts), but also online exchanges (chat,
messaging), which in the future may become physical exchanges.

Expand your contacts, do not miss the opportunity to continue traveling and live
unforgettable experiences! Learn, teach, share and enjoy other languages, different
cultures and new ways of living.

What kind of cultural and language exchanges can you do?

The ones you want to do!

The core value of Swap Family is adaptability and flexibility.

The community is made up of people like you, restless people who don’t want to stop their illusion to learn, want to continue growing and  living positive experiences.

There are no closed proposals, you propose:

Weekly online talks? Exchange letters / emails? Share and exchange traditions? Play Trivial or Scrabble online? Meet other members to guide them around the city? Share an afternoon with other members and exchange your culture and traditions? Being a guest of another member of the community and staying at their home? Host other members at your home?

What do you want to do?

The opportunity is in your hands, explain your proposal to the community and find your partner.

Number 1

Sign up & create your profile

Add your personal details to access the community.

Number 2

Meet your partner

Find and make contact with members and agree on an exchange.

Number 3

Live & share your experience

Enjoy sharing and living the experience with other members.

Number 4

Review & repeat as you want

Review your exchange partner and share your experience.

Swap Family is the space where you are the star

corchetes izquierda

You choose the member/s you want to contact and engage in language exchanges, stays and visits according to your preferences​

corchetes derecha
a girl jumping very high on a dirt road
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